About Us

Hello, my name is Damir Miller.  I am a wheelchair user, entrepreneur, owner of the Miller & Lev company, an eternal optimist and cofounder of accesstravels.org. Our company is dedicated to making the world attainable for people with physical disabilities by offering a database for reliable, accessible worldwide tourism. We are looking to interest you as a member of our community , as a investor and as a friend who make impact together with us  .

       Lack of physical accessibility has been a personal problem that I have personally unnecessarily suffered and continue to suffer. My partner and I felt compelled to investigate the status of physical accessibility, and discovered the prevalence of the problem. Due to firsthand experience, I can attest to the fact that currently disabled travelers are severely restricted.  For example, while apartments and hotels may be listed as accessible, in reality some may not have elevators, and the showers and the toilets are inconvenient and inaccessible.  In addition, attractions like restaurants, bars, and transportation have the same problem with physical inaccessibility thereby obstructing movement.    My partner and I seek to attract attention to this worldwide dilemma, which severely compromises quality of life, by establishing a project to combat the problem.  

      To counter this problem, accesstravels.org will offer updated, in-depth, detailed information, for all areas of accessible tourism, i.e.  tour agencies - accessible tour agencies, regular travel agencies that cater to clients who require accessibility; accommodation - accessible hotels, transportation  -  accessible car rental, accessible scooters rental, accessible taxis We will also provide lists and reviews of hotels, guides, excursions, travel bloggers, videos, explanations, and accessible travelers' stories.  

         In the future we hope to extend our project as a source of earning money for the disabled. For example, a disabled person may have accessible rooms or apartments to rent.  Every person with a disability or elderly person that has a mobility scooter or a car with special equipment can work as a driver and/or guide for tourists who share a similar disability.

          My intimate experience with the limitations and restrictions wheelchair users face when travelling emphasizes the need for this revolutionary new application that will not only  liberate those with disabilities from the complications they suffer while travelling, but also benefit the elderly and women with babies.  To solve this endemic, underrated problem, we will provide valuable information for world travelers with special needs, highlighting user friendly, accessible and easy to navigate travel routes.  

          We are inviting you to join our unique mission by supporting us with sponsorships by buying through as accessible for all travel services of our partners  , being volunteer or local guide, writing personal stories about your own accessible travel experience and involving as many people as possible in this essential project.  

                                         CEO   Damir Miller and Talia Agranat , 2016

                                             Tel +972542128323