We are glad to greet you on our site AccessTravels (acts as a trade mark and Internet domain on behalf of the legal entity registered in Israel — Miller and Lev, Business number 324584614) – The platform responsible for promotion of the public Inclusive tourism for everyone.

Today, tourism, as well as world tourism, is considered by modern man as the main branch of the world economic activity of developed countries.

Our goal is to develop the rights of citizens to rest, leave and freedom of movement in the indissoluble connection of each of these elements. For us, the main thing is that everyone has a real possibility of access to tourism.

We believe that tourism cannot be viewed from the standpoint of the world economic sector alone.

We help everyone to realize their right to leave, to be able to familiarize themselves with the fact that it surrounds, fully and harmoniously develop their personality, to realize cognitive and educational activity, spiritual enrichment.

We want to help you realize your right to respect for your dignity and individuality.

Our goal:

• Development of social tourism, creation of functional platform AccessTravels for coordination and simplification of tourist formalities;

• Call for the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, adopted in the framework of the International Intergovernmental organization "World Tourism Organization";

• Development of mutual understanding and mutual respect of people and communities;

• Development of freedom of tourist movements (displacements);

• To provide information in the field of accessibility of tourism, conditions for unimpeded access of tourists to places of tourist demand, and also, to places necessary for comfortable and comfortable tourism;

• Promote the growth of tourism potential.

An important value is the fact that the AccessTravels platform is not an advertising platform, and all the information presented on it-real data, based on the recall of visitors to the site, as well as groups of travelers (tourists) AccessTravels.

We inform you that AccessTravels is not a provider of tourist services, but is an information source. On our site AccessTravels you can take advantage of tourist offers, presented by suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services HOTELBEDS (hereinafter-"HBG"), and also other third-party suppliers of specialized Travel agencies and transport companies. We would like to inform you that there are agreements between AccessTravels and the aforementioned representatives of tourist offers and packages of tourist services, which you can find here.

Acting on the basis and development of the Manila Declaration on World Tourism, the Hague Declaration on Tourism, the Global Code of Ethics for tourism, the Charter of Tourism, the Osaksk Declaration on Tourism and the OSAKSK Millennium Declaration, we have developed The following rules of use of the site AccessTravels.

Before using the services of our site, please read the rules of use of the site in order to minimize unpleasant situations.

Before you start using the AccessTravels site you should familiarize yourself with the user agreement of this site. Access to the site, as well as the possibility of posting information on it, commenting, as well as booking or purchase of any services and other tourist offers provided by the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services, as well as Other third-party suppliers of specialized travel agencies and transport companies, you will receive after familiarization and acceptance of these conditions.


 For the purpose of convenience of perception of the information, we ask to understand under "You", "You", "you" and other used words-the person registered or intentional to register the account on the site AccessTravels, and under "we", "us", and Other used words-legal entity Miller and Lev, registered in Israel under the number 324584614 and acting on the basis of Israeli legislation under the trademark AccessTravels.

We inform you that you can access the site (use the site) AccessTravels only after you have registered your account on it and agree to these terms of use.

By agreeing to these terms, you are responsible for stating that you have read and understood the text. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are not entitled to use the AccessTravels website.

By agreeing to these Terms of use, you confirm that the information you provided on our site is authentic, complete and original, that is, based on your own travel experience.

We inform you that you are fully responsible for the activity of your account, as well as insulting and other indecent behavior in relation to other users of the site and third parties. The site AccessTravels prohibits any activity related and aimed at aiding, organizing or sponsoring (and other forms of support) terrorism, the sale and distribution of weapons, narcotic drugs and other psychotropic drugs. In order to avoid liability for this kind of activity, we strongly recommend that you do not transfer the data for entering the AccessTravels site to other persons, as well as provide proper protection of your account.

In addition, by this agreement, you agree to keep track of changes to your contact information placed in your account, as well as with special forethought – those data that are directly related to booking, ordering and payment Tourist services and packages of tourist services. AccessTravels does not bear any responsibility for errors in the booking and such mistakes made by your fault, as well as the fault of the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services, as well as other third-party suppliers Specialized travel agencies and transport companies. You should keep in mind that the conditions of cancellation, booking or payment of any services are provided by the service providers.  In case of cancellation of booking, ordering or payment of any services – Commission fee for service of our site is not refundable. In special cases, such as failures in the work of the site, etc.-Commission fee is refundable by the decision of the administration of the site AccessTravels.

All liability caused by the violation of the order and reliability of filling the necessary information to make a reservation, order, payment and other services rests with you.

In this connection, we strongly recommend that you keep an eye on the updating of the data submitted by you on your account.

In order to create an account on the site AccessTravels and to use the offers posted here, as well as to post your travel information, communicate with other users and leave comments, you must be 13 years old. However, we warn you that the legislation of some countries requires the achievement of an older age than specified above. In this connection, the administration of the site AccessTravels is not responsible for the unreliability of information about the age of persons who registered here personal account, because it is not possible to track it. The responsibility for the actions of such persons will be borne by their legal representatives (the wording may look different in the legislation of various countries than the one presented).

Also, you declare that to make purchases (payment) of tourist services, packages of tourist services, payment of the reservation, and also order of services, etc. You have the right to be 18 years old. However, we warn you that the legislation of some countries requires the achievement of an older age than specified above.

By creating an account, you agree to the terms of use of the site AccessTravels, you represent that you are a competent person and have the right to carry out legally significant actions on your behalf.

If there is no agreement on the terms and conditions provided in this agreement, and if the account is not compliant with the provisions of this Agreement, the administration of the site AccessTravels has the right to refuse Access to your account at any time.

However, we inform you that you can view the information presented on the site in the open access without registration of the account. In connection with this agreement, you are warned about the responsibility for any illegal copying, distribution or other use of the information presented on the site AccessTravels, and its users without reference to the author (or to Site).



Materials and information presented on the AccessTravels site in public access (including messages, data, information, text, music, sound, photos, graphics, video, maps, badges, software, code or other materials) Are the property of AccessTravels. You agree not to modify, copy, transfer, display, reproduce, publish, license, or transfer the aforementioned data presented on our site that are not your Information or materials, not to create derivative products from them, and not to sell (or resell) information, software, products or services received on or through the AccessTravels website. And also, not to access, not to control, not to reproduce, not to distribute, not to transfer, not to broadcast, not to advertise, not to sell, not to license, not to copy and otherwise not to use, including by means of robots, spiders, Scrap or other automated means or processes with manual control for any purpose that does not conform to the terms of this agreement.

By agreeing to the terms of use of the AccessTravels website, you assert that you will not use the information, as well as the materials presented on it for personal selfish purposes, including for commercial purpose (this provision does not apply To carry out services on booking, order, payment, etc. Services, by submitting a legal entity or other organization through an account on our website).

You agree not to violate the restrictions in the headers to block robots on the services, not to bypass or ignore the measures created to protect the site from intruders and other threats. Also, according to the policy of our site, you should be reasonable and not overload, the site AccessTravels not to create deep external links to any part of it, to place frames and mirrored links, as well as not to use the information provided On the site AccessTravels without reference to the original source or without the written permission of the administration of the site AccessTravels.



By agreeing to these Terms of use of the AccessTravels site, you consent to the collection, processing, storage and provision of the necessary data to the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services "HBG", as well as other third party To suppliers of specialized travel agencies and transport companies your personal data, necessary for carrying out of services on booking, order, payment of tourist services and packages of tourist services, and also such services.

Register a personal account on our site you provide the amount of information that you are willing to entrust to us, as well as that is necessary for the fulfillment of services provided by the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services.

The necessary information may include:

Your name, surname, telephone number, address (including email address), index, user name (login) and password, as well as the bank data necessary for booking, ordering and payment of tourist services and packages of tourist services (the number of your Bank card, the name of the owner and the expiration date, the authentication code).

Your personal and other information is required by us for the purpose of convenient use of our site, and also realization of the services which offers on our site and are represented by suppliers.

Such information is required to register your account and to gain access to the account and then to use the services of the AccessTravels site (also to notify you of special offers, products or Services), to communicate with you, to provide the possibility of posting on the site your comments, photos and other materials, to prevent prohibited and illegal actions and for other similar purposes.

We guarantee that without your permission such information will not be provided to third parties, only for the purpose of fulfillment of obligations to you and purposes of execution of this agreement information can be transferred, and also cases, established The law (to investigate, prevent, or threaten to commit, and take appropriate action to protect the rights, property and security and other cases necessary and involuntary).

By providing your email data to us, you agree to receive the newsletter, as well as promotional and special offers from AccessTravels, but you can unsubscribe at any time, if it brings you inconvenience.

However! Don't forget that refusing to receive messages from AccessTravels may cause problems of a different nature. Through the mailing list we notify our users about the innovations of the site and in general AccessTravels, as well as other information related to the maintenance of your account.

The data stored at us is protected from unauthorized access to them, from infringement on them by intruders, etc. Methods of illegal access the multi-stage protection system that we have developed to ensure your safety. Of course, we cannot fully guarantee the safety of your data, as modern technologies in the field of cybercrime are developing at a high rate, but for our part, we will do our best to ensure the safety of your Personal data and privacy information provided by you.

Access to your personal information, trusted by you AccessTravels, if you agree to the terms of use, will receive:

• Suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services and other partners, including, but not limited to, hotels, airlines, companies engaged in the organization of cruises, entertainment activities and car rental, as well as managers and owners Rented apartments, etc.

Information is provided for the purpose of performing services on your request for their booking, order, payment, etc. The information we provide to suppliers to perform the above services is processed according to the current policy Confidentiality of the relevant supplier (except for the payment data). We have the right to provide access to payment information only in case it is necessary for booking, payment and order of tourist services and packages of tourist services through us. We allow suppliers to use the payment information about you solely for your benefit. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy, terms of use and other rules of the travel service provider whose products and services you are going to purchase through our website. Service providers may contact you to request additional information about you and to clarify other necessary information about you. Also, in order to improve the performance of our website, we reserve the right to provide the necessary information to third-party suppliers who act or provide services on our behalf, including Business intelligence services, payment processing, Customer service, marketing campaigns, public relations, polls or lotteries, as well as fraud and other illegal activities on the Internet. Third-party vendors may use and collect only the information they need to perform their tasks, but they are not allowed to use it for other purposes. Your data from the suppliers will be kept for the duration of the agreement, and even after they are terminated, until the possible obligations arising from the agreement are determined. The data may be transferred to banks and other financial institutions for the management of payments to be made in accordance with the agreement, as well as to the State administrations in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and For the purposes set out therein.

• Affiliated websites. If you go to our site via a link from another site, we may provide this site with access to your registration information, such as your name, e-mail and postal address, telephone number and other information. The website referring to us will have full access to your personal data, so we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of the site from which you go to our site.

• The administration of the site AccessTravels and employees of the legal entity Miller and Lev. This action is necessary in order to fulfill the goals and objectives set before AccessTravels.

Such information is also subject to protection under the AccessTravels privacy Policy.

By creating an account on our site, you agree that some personal information will be visible to any visitor of the site. You can check the information that any user can see in their profile.

We inform you that in the implementation of services for booking, order, payment of tourist services and packages of tourist services, we will provide your personal data to the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services (with which Official basis of the agreement), to perform any banking operations necessary to confirm the reservation, order or payment for the services you intend to perform. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that AccessTravels has no relation to banking operations, and payment is processed by the provider of tourist services and packages of tourist services.

 AccessTravels acts in this chain as an intermediary charging commission for the use of the site AccessTravels.

Important! Before making any tourist services through the supplier you should familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of the supplier and comply with them. And also with agreements concluded between AccessTravels and suppliers, which are available here.

In your account you can save (and also delete, modify and update) the above mentioned banking information for the purpose of convenience of subsequent operations.

Also, other information that may be required in connection with the presence of special conditions on your part (or the existence of a certain situation). And also, all the information that you find necessary to provide for the most convenient, fast and comfortable use of the site AccessTravels.

We inform you that in case of disagreement (unwillingness) to specify all personal data and other information required for registration, you can refuse to register and create an account on the AccessTravels website.

We may also collect other information, such as the IP address, information that identifies your device, and the browsing history of the websites, to the extent that such information concerns you.

In addition, if necessary, you may act on your account for the benefit of another person, however, you need to make sure that the person has no objection to these actions and in accordance with the terms of use of the site AccessTravels.

Your personal information is kept by us till the moment of deletion of the personal account, at your request or on our initiative. However, if required by law, we may store this information until the need arises.

We inform you that when you visit our site we automatically receive information from your computer or device IP-address, information about the Web browser, through which the entrance, the country, including in the case when you download Materials that contain information about your whereabouts, etc.).

In helping to gather information we use cookies (text files that are automatically downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit different sites). They are saved by your Web browser. Cookies contain information about your requests on the Internet.

When you return to the site, your Web browser sends these cookies to it: this way your computer or mobile device is recognized, and your preferences are considered, which makes the work with the site more convenient and efficient. We use these cookies only for your purposes and to make your cooperation with AccessTravels comfortable and more convenient.

However, you can prevent cookies from being accepted, as well as making sure that the browser warns you every time before downloading such a file or to cancel the acceptance of non-essential cookies.

On our site users have the opportunity to share reviews, which in turn may contain links to third-party sites, also we can leave links to third-party sites.

We also warn you that when you follow the link located on our site or in the withdrawal of our user to a third-party site, through it can also collect information, as described earlier, however, in accordance with the policy Information about the third-party site. We advise you to familiarize yourself with which, if you are interested in or touches on the present fact.

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the AccessTravels privacy policy. Significant changes to the terms of these rules will be duly communicated to you after they have been modified. This privacy policy will be effective from the moment it is published and indefinitely until we decide to change it, and so on.



Access Travels is a platform designed to allow anyone to fulfill their desires and have the opportunity to travel around the world without any restrictions. In this connection, one of the main priorities of the Access Travels site is your honest, constructive, based on your own experience, reviews about your visit to any country, hotel, restaurant and other institutions, as well as any events. We want to promote the platform for your convenience, in which you help and assist you.

Therefore, it is important for us that Access Travels users use it in accordance with the terms and conditions presented below.

All materials, including reviews; Questions Photos, Videos; Comments Proposals Ideas, assessments, and other similar information that you have expressed a desire to share with our site, as well as other users of the network, provided to us in any of the possible ways, you represent Access Travels in an exclusive gratuitous, Indefinite, irrevocable, transferable and fully sublicense right:

• On the placement, use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation, distribution, publication, use as a basis for the creation of derivative works, as well as an open demonstration (as well as providing access to them to all All materials provided to us, worldwide, using all possible (as well as prospective) means of transmitting information and for any purpose;

By providing us with your materials and other information, you agree that they will be published in public (public) access, and therefore are not confidential information and are not protected by intellectual property rights.

In order to improve the quality and advertising authority of Access Travels, you also express your consent that Access Travels, its users and visitors have the right to provide and distribute (including on other sites, as well as for Outside the Internet) of the materials presented on the Access Travels site in public access. In addition, you hereby consent to the use of your name (including, if necessary, the trademark you have specified).

By providing such information to Access Travels, you declare that you provide them permanently and waive any claims and agree that you will not be able to claim the right to them in the future, subject to the procedure for providing such Information and materials on both sides.

By providing us with materials and other information that is encumbered by any rights or condition for their use, you must act in good faith. Also, this agreement guarantees that you have the right to provide such information in accordance with the legislation governing it.

In order to protect and ensure the safety of your data, materials, and other information provided on our site, you express your consent that, if necessary, copyright may be assigned to Access Travels for the purpose of judicial protection Rights (i.e. consent).

Provided that you retain personal non-property rights (in the present context – copyrights), you declare that you have no objection to their publication, indicating the author, as well as any other use, for the purposes for which such information was provided.

We also inform you that all your materials and other information, which is publicly available, may be used by third parties without our knowledge, in connection with which Access Travels disclaims all responsibility for such incidents, As well as for the safety of confidentiality in this area.

On our site you can communicate with other users and moderators of the site on the forums created for the purpose of communication of users and moderators of Access Travels, there you can publish the reviews about tourist services, packages of tourist services , in general, about any country, about sights, other information concerning directly or indirectly the purposes for which Access Travels platform was created.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that users are not allowed to treat each other in any way disrespectful, insulting or otherwise to any extent. Access Travels is designed to help, promote, mutual respect and rapprochement of tourists, especially for tourists who have additional requirements when exercising their right to travel.

This agreement calls upon you to use the Access Travels site wisely and to our trust.

Responsibility for the result of your personal account use, as well as posting on forums, in discussions, in comments and in. East. You personally. Also, all risks associated with the use in this area of our site are borne by you. You should take into account where and how (publicly or not publicly) your information will be posted, as well as other materials provided on the Access Travels site. All information placed (entrusted to us) is not publicly (in closed access), will be under our protection, we will do everything possible, that depends on us, for its safety.

All materials that are published from users who have a personal account on the Access Travels site will be posted in the form in which you provide us with them, but in some cases can be edited without distorting the meaning.

Those materials (other information) that will not conform to access Travels's access Travels privacy policy as well as the general agreement will be removed by the access Travels administrators. However, if you believe that your materials have been deleted incorrectly or otherwise disagree with this decision, you can contact the administrators of Access Travels and clarify all the information you are interested in and understand the situation. The last decision on the issue we reserve.

In accordance with the rules, generally accepted, as well as the legislation, this agreement, you agree not to commit directly or otherwise indirectly contradictory acts, not to publish, download, transfer, distribute, store, create and Otherwise publish materials and other information containing:

• Knowingly false, illegal information;

• To disseminate defamatory statements (not confirmed by any evidence; however, if you publish your own opinion, you should make a note about it);

• Insulting remarks to any address (visitors, users, to the administration of the site Access Travels, or to the suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services, countries, peoples, nationalities, etc.);

• Foul language, other indecent and non-cultural expressions;

• Materials of pornographic content;

• Illegal information, as well as instructions for carrying out illegal activities, committing offences or crimes and other illegal materials;

• Infringing copyright and related rights, patent rights, trademark rights, etc.

• Not agreed advertising and other forms of promotion;

• Personal information of a third party that has not consented to the dissemination of such information (in this case, all responsibility rests with you);

• Registration data (data for entering under a false name) of personal accounts in closed means of its publication;

• Containing malicious files, materials, etc.;

• Other non-permitted information that contradicts the purposes for which Access Travels was created, as well as this agreement.

Access Travels is not responsible or liable for the safety of materials and other information that you publish, are stored on the site in public and private access, uploaded to our site, as well as for their loss or damage.

Important! Access Travels is not responsible for any acts, statements or other illegal, insulting, degrading or other publications of users of Access Travels site. We remind you that Access Travels is an information source that aims to help people who need information about the availability of inclusive tourism.

Access Travels does not commit to constantly monitoring all materials and information published on it, however, Access Travels will do its best to ensure that every visitor of our site is not upset Its use and was satisfied.

For the purpose of warning, we inform you that by the decision of the Site administration, your information and other materials can be changed in order to comply with the security policy and privacy policy of Access Travels, and you in turn are warned about That, if necessary, the text and other materials should be retained in advance in order to avoid correction.

Inconsistency of any of the terms of the sections of this agreement may lead to the blocking of the account on whose behalf it is committed, as well as temporary or permanent restriction in commenting on the site Access Travels, as well as termination or Suspension of your right to use our website.


SECTION 5. Disclaimer

In the present, previous and subsequent sections, you are stating that AccessTravels is not responsible for certain situations. You hereby declare that the limitations of AccessTravels liability described below are fully understandable and clear to you.

We also note that AccessTravels is an information portal, which provides services of suppliers of tourist services and packages of tourist services, therefore, the suppliers are responsible for all information provided by the suppliers. Note that the information (including prices for services, number of places available for booking, other information necessary for travel), contained on the site AccessTravels, may have errors and inaccuracies, also not excluded failures in the work Software and the operation of the site. AccessTravels is not responsible for this, however, AccessTravels will do everything possible to make the site fully user-friendly, as well as to keep track of the constant updating of the information on it, including also information on availability/absence of places for Booking and availability of services, as well as verification (including checking the route of travel by a group of tourists AccessTravels) reviews of users of the site about a particular service, etc.

AccessTravels is not responsible for the liability of the service providers or any other users of the site. Including, except for the responsibility for inaccuracy of information, errors, infringements, including, arisen by negligence, for possible infliction of harm to life, health and property, other damage or harm.

This section discusses the limitations of liability in favor of AccessTravels. The provisions set out in this section provide for the division of risk between the parties and the limitation of liability of one of the parties will also apply if any of the funds listed under these conditions are Inappropriate to their primary purpose.

Important! In addition, AccessTravels, this agreement, responsibly declares that by agreeing to the terms of use of the website with the user of the site (when you have agreed to the terms described here, have moved to using the site), you will not require Damages, expenses for restoration of the damage, etc. The expression of material damage. This rule applies to the cases described above, as well as generally in this agreement, and in addition, in cases where there have been any delays, cancellations, strikes, omissions, changes in routes, force majeure and other similar situations, Which are not under our direct control and are not in our competence. You hereby declare that you are aware of the terms of use of this site and the consequences that may arise from your fault, or at your own risk.

All information that will be changed will be communicated to you properly (however, it is not responsible for the perception of AccessTravels).

In addition, we inform you that the reliability of information provided on the site AccessTravels service providers, users of the site, AccessTravels is not responsible.

As it was already stated, the administration of site AccessTravels will try to do everything possible to carry out uninterrupted, constant work of a site, and also about to take care of safety of the information trusted by you. However! No guarantees that these conditions will not be violated, AccessTravels can not give. Due to the fact that today rapidly developing the sphere of information technologies, there are new malicious viruses, scammers, operating in the information space, etc.

AccessTravels tries to bring the terms of use of the site in accordance with the legislation and take into account all international standards in this area. You hereby declare that by agreeing to these terms and conditions of use, you will be lenient with the AccessTravels Administration group and do not try, to this agreement, to other users of the site, and also to take into account World and the environment. We mean by the present refusal on your part to conduct malicious acts in order to hinder the activities of the site, as well as the abuse of law.

Important! By means of the services provided on our site, you make your choice voluntarily and without any coercion, and consequently, act at your own risk, under your property responsibility. No employees of AccessTravels, third parties acting on our request and for our purposes shall be held liable under any circumstances for consequential, incidental, punitive or other possible consequences of the use of the AccessTravels website.

Assuming the possibility of liability of AccessTravels, we inform you that AccessTravels bears only responsibility, which is directly derived from the use of the website and services provided on our behalf.

Important! You hereby declare responsibly that the amount of liability of AccessTravels cannot be paid by you as a commission fee. If, for any reason, you have not paid the Commission, you may not be entitled to compensation for damages. Also, the amount of compensation due to you may not be set at the rate of more than one hundred US dollars (USD $100.00).

The disclaimer set forth in this Agreement does not affect the inalienable binding legal rights. Given the cross-border nature of the proposed services, the law of another State may stipulate other rules on private limitation or exclusion of liability than those established by the agreement. In such a case, the waiver or limitation of liability will be applicable to the maximum permissible amount established by local law. However, the agreement on the use of AccessTravels is based on the principles of international law and recognized tourist rules, therefore, you must take this into account.

By cooperating with us, you represent that you must do everything possible to prevent any negative situations, disputable moments, to protect AccessTravels with all its employees and affiliates, including suppliers and other partners from Any claims, claims, claims, penalties, losses, damages, fines, sanctions or other costs or expenses of any kind, including (but not limited to)  

reasonable fees to lawyers and accountants, attracted by third parties for any reason Breach of this agreement, the privacy policy of the AccessTravels laws of the host countries and other countries.



AccessTravels acts under the trademark as an unfinished sign of infinity with circles on both ends. The sign of Infinity forms two circles, in the right circle the compass with three colored arrows on top (red, green, orange-left on the right), in the left circle image of the globe. The AccessTravels trademark is not subject to copying, duplication or other illegal use without the permission of AccessTravels.

All design of the site is on the right of exclusive property AccessTravels, which also should not be in any way used without the knowledge of AccessTravels.

The AccessTravels website may use trademarks and service marks belonging to other organizations, in which case AccessTravels recognizes the exclusive rights of third parties for their marks and does not pretend to them, and also undertakes to Use the latter in accordance with international standards and indicate affiliation whenever such use on the site AccessTravels takes place.

This policy should also be adhered to by all users of the site, to which you, having read the present Agreement, have revealed consent. If it is necessary to eliminate obstacles in the intellectual property right, as well as in the presence of violations, complaints and other communications, please contact the AccessTravels administration (both in writing and in electronic form). Such reports will be considered by AccessTravels at the appropriate time, and AccessTravels guarantees the adoption of measures to remedy the violated rights and restore fairness to all possible and available in AccessTravels ways.

This agreement enters into force and begins to act on all users of the site from the moment of its publication. It is presumed that you are duly acquainted with this agreement and have expressed your consent to use the services of the site AccessTravels in accordance with this agreement. In turn, the administration of the site AccessTravels undertakes to bring to the attention of the user AccessTravels this agreement on the condition of its use in the most convenient way.

This agreement may be amended and supplemented, and therefore changes and additions to this agreement are binding on AccessTravels users as well as the agreement itself. The date of the last edition of this Agreement will be indicated at the bottom of this Agreement; The amended version takes effect after it is published. We will notify registered users of our services (such registered users are referred to as "account holders") regarding significant changes made to these terms by sending a notice to the address Email associated with the account holder's profile or by posting a notice on our websites. Informing users about the changes and additions made to the agreement is a prerequisite for the distribution of their action on users of the site AccessTravels. However, AccessTravels undertakes to bring such changes and additions appropriately to the users. In the execution by the AccessTravels administration of this obligation, users shall not be entitled to disregard the changes and additions made to this agreement, nor to invoke the invalidity of their provisions or the Non-proliferation of their conditions. Changes and additions also apply to those relations/obligations (which have not yet been fulfilled), however, arose before their entry.

In addition, we inform you that this Agreement may lose its validity or completely cease to exist at any time of its validity and without prior notice to users of AccessTravels, if there is Justified need for it. AccessTravels undertakes, in such case, to place on the site information about it or to notify users in other way in due time. Termination of the Agreement may be in respect of a particular user or in general for all. Termination of the agreement is a cessation of the provision of AccessTravels services as a whole.

AccessTravels may modify, suspend or interrupt the operation of any section of the site at any time, including access to site features, databases or any materials and information. AccessTravels may also impose restrictions (or otherwise hinder) your use of certain components on the site without notice or liability for technical or security reasons in order to prevent Unauthorized access, loss, destruction of data or in the event that in our opinion and (or) in the opinion of the affiliate AccessTravels.

In this connection, we warn you and ask you to keep all the data that was provided to you in connection with the organization of travel, booking, payment of any services. IMMEDIATELY, AFTER RECEIPT OF SUCH INFORMATION AT YOUR DISPOSAL, SAVE IT TO YOURSELF IN ANY CONVENIENT WAY.

If any part of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, including (but not limited to) waiver of warranty obligations and limitation of liability, Set out above, such a non-valid or unenforceable provision would be deemed to be a substitute for a valid provision with a legal force that most closely matches its original meaning and the remaining provisions Of this agreement will remain in force unchanged.

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